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The Poker Chip Company Chips For All Your Promotional Needs

The Poker Chip Company

Casinos use poker chips instead of coins at their gambling establishments. These are given in exchange for your currency and can be used to play games and tournaments. Here at the Poker Chip Company we make ours from a choice of quality materials. The materials used are then coupled with design, colors, and the weight required.

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How Casino Poker Chips Are Made

In general, chipsare made of either plastic, clay, or ceramic. Most of the casino chips that you will see, however, are made of clay. These clay chips have added materials that make them more durable. Chips are fitted with inlays and edges before being compression moulded to ensure a quality finish. The inlays are the graphics or artwork centrepieces that are found on while the edge spots are the color inserts that you find around the edges. Both of these are part of the security features and can be used to distinguish one casino's chips from another. Their distinctive design and color make counterfeiting very difficult. Poker offers universal fun, regardless of where you are from or what you do. If you want to start playing poker, however, you need to make sure the sites you are playing on are reputable and legal. At bestspokersites you can find the most trustworthy online poker sites, and some of the most popular bonuses to begin playing for free.

Ceramic chips are a popular alternative that can be patterned with high-quality graphic designs. Edge spots cannot be added though. There are a select few plastic chips. These chips can have distinguishing colors and designs and include UV markings, a maker's symbol, and radio frequency identification tags for security purposes.

The weight of chips can vary but most are between 9 to 10.5 grams. The design ensures that casino players have no difficulty in stacking, counting, and using their poker chips. For casino operators and dealers, the design helps with easy counting, stacking and protection against counterfeits. The lightest poker chips that you will meet are the free bonus chips given by top-notch casino sites. This means you get to play free poker for real money payouts. One of the sites with offers like these is the poker expert, the 888 casino, and you can read more about it at the site.

Promotional Tools and Corporate Gifts

Custom poker chips are great promotional tools for trade shows and company events and we have a wide variety of chips for you to choose from. We cater to those looking for a long-lasting and cost-effective marketing tool. Poker Chip Company offers the highest quality custom poker chips available, with superior design. If you still haven't tried playing poker games using mobile casino apps, go to these guys now and find all the advantages mobile casinos offer and why many players prefer them instead of their desktop versions or visiting the land-based casinos.

Promotional poker chips are a great way to promote your company's brand and they can be used as corporate gifts, wedding favors, and more. The chips that Poker Chip Company produces are standard casino size and can customize them with your logo, image, or custom design. Poker Chip Company has two different methods that can use to create your special promotional chips. Poker Chip Company can hot-stamp your logo or artwork onto our chips or you can submit your own full color design that will be applied to the chips using a full-color insert.

All you have to do is select the desired chip type and quantity to get started. Let the company show your brand off in style.

It is possible to play for free at the website. There are plemty of options when it comes to games that can be played.