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What's the Best Poker Chips Set?

The Poker Chip Company

When the world of poker has once again extended its reach to the inside of wager's home through rendering to the market, the renowned chip sets and tables for the game, The Poker Chip Company went nuts and extremely excited. Now, if you consider yourself one of the big guys and a certified pokie player, you definitely must have a poker chips set that you can brag about. However, how can you brag something to your friends if what you have up your sleeves are nothing but chips you've got on some sweet garage sale? It may not mean much for the regular players, however, for those who are extremely dedicated to the game, owning mouth-watering, chips is definitely everything.

There are definitely some of your friends who already have a poker chips set of their own and their unrelenting flaunting may have turned your switch on to buy something that would serve as your counter attack. If you are in this kind of situation, don't settle for less and common - pick the best ones out there and even consider getting your own monogrammed custom chips.

Hands down, my first pick if I were you will be the Monte Carlo Poker Chips set that packs a jaw-dropping weight over 14 grams that's definitely way more than the regular 11.5 gram chips that your friends have at their home. All of its chips have a mouth-watering look that will just make you feel so proud. On top of that, it will definitely fit your home pokie game the best since it even has values indicated on each chips, therefore, you wouldn't have to worry about forgetting the poker chip values or the colors. Finally, the real seal-dealer is that the denomination for this chips set spans from the dollar chip up to the higher league.

With this pick, you'll definitely be able to revel on a more satisfying experience that may even trigger luck on your side for some serious beat-down for your friends.