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Various Types of Poker Games Offered Today

Poker is considered one of the most played card and table game type in the industry today. Some of the best poker variants are hosted in some of the prominent online gaming platforms, as well as huge poker tournaments and events in the industry today. These include some of the classic poker games with easy-to-understand gameplay and complex variants for experienced players. Thus, most of these games offer some of the valued payouts in the gaming realm. What is more, nowadays, you can play any type of poker on online casino sites. You even get a casino bonus that can help you pay for a few buy-ins. By going to this site you will receive one such promotion and you can play on one of the top USA casino sites. Here are some of the most popular poker games offered online and in live gaming platforms.

Texas Hold'em

This is considered the most popular and most used poker variant nowadays. Texas Hold'em games are now being hosted in online gaming sites and huge poker tournaments like the World Series of Poker. Players need to complete the best five-card hand combination to get rewarded with its corresponding payout values and the jackpot at stake.

This poker game usually starts when the hole cards are dealt with the participating players. These are the two starting cards of each player which should be given faced down by the dealer. Players need to complete various winning combinations using these hole cards and the community cards to be played on the table.

These community cards will start with three face-up cards, followed by the turn or fourth card, and river or the fifth card. There are also action phases within these rounds which involve players raising or increasing the stake, calling or matching the played wager, and folding or discarding their hole cards to end their participation in the game. They need to strategize which actions they should take to maximize their played stakes in this poker variant. It is pretty easy and requires little understanding to play, making it one of the most searched for games on mobile casino apps. You, too, can play Texas Hold'em Poker this instant for free. Just download the Gaming Club Mobile Casino app, available for both iOS and Android, and claim their great value $300 welcome deal.


Omaha is another poker game which has the similar gameplay of the famous Hold'em variant. But instead of just getting two starting cards, players are dealt with four starting cards where they should choose their two hole cards and discard the others. The game progresses with the usual poker rounds of dealing with the community, turn, and river cards on the table. Players also need to play within the action rounds of either calling, raising, or folding their cards.

There is also a Pot Limit Omaha game wherein players deal with the same Omaha gameplay, but they won't be able to raise the total wager at play. This variant offers fixed stakes from the start until the end of the game.

Caribbean Stud

This poker game is similar with Five-Card Draw poker's gameplay wherein players are dealt with five cards on the start of the game. Caribbean Stud players should complete high paying hand combinations using these starting cards to win the game. But instead of competing with other challengers around the table, players compete with the dealer in this poker game. Both of them are dealt the same number of cards which will be played until the end of the round.

Players need to choose whether they will fold or call their hands. They need to discard all their cards in hand and quit the round when they decide to fold. But when they call the dealer, the game continues until a winner is determined. During this action round, players are shown one of the dealer's cards to help them decide which action will be taken.

They can also place progressive wagers for more chances of winning large jackpot amounts from this game.

Three Card Draw Poker

On the other hand, three card draw poker is considered as the most successful poker game available today. Players can expect an easy and simple gameplay which can earn them as much as 40 times their played wager. They just need to get familiar with the different gaming strategies to maximize the value of their stakes in 3 card poker.

It is also said that this game is patterned after the Stud poker game but with just three cards in play. This makes odd winning chances and different hand ranking values compared with the usual poker games available nowadays.

Players can also try some of the most popular poker games available today like Seven-Card Stud which provides players seven playing cards - three face down and four face up cards - to complete their winning hands. There is also Razz which is the counterpart of Seven-Card wherein players need to complete the best low valued hand in their seven starting cards to win the stake at play.

There is also the classic Five-Card Draw poker which gives players the chance to discard some of their cards in their initial five-card hand or keep all of them to complete high winning hands. Players can also try other variants like Badugi, Omaha Hi-Lo, 2-7 Triple Draw, Irish and Chinese Poker, as well as mixed game poker formats like HORSE. All these games have varying payout values and jackpots at stake which players can also consider when choosing the right poker variant for them.