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Inspire and Motivate Yourself With The Best Poker Chip Quotes

When playing poker, you're automatically presented to a crossroad of results that may either lead you to a satisfying win, or for a grand letdown that may even turn into consecutive beat-downs. Let's face it, everyone falls down on the gutter once in a while - that's part of a wager's life and taking risks, however, there are people out there who just gets so down to the point where they can't even put their game-face on. Whether you're part of these people or not, it'll still be better to warm and trigger your inner pokie player more, through reading some of the most inspiring poker chips quotes out there.

One of my most favorite is the quote of Sammy Farha where he said, 'Just Play Every Hand, you can't miss them all'. Such optimism is definitely something that would help pokie players to not let themselves down and look forward to time where they'll be able to play the winning hand that will triumph over others.

When W. Somerset Maugham said as well that "Poker's the only game fit for a grown man. Then, your hand is against every man's, and every man's is against yours", I definitely wasn't able to restrain myself in telling myself that he definitely couldn't have said it better.

Warren Carp also said, "Forget about a chip and a chair; give me a hand and I'll stand". This quote was definitely something that describes every player's 'want' to win and frankly, when I do get a winning hand, I just won't stand, I'll even shout.

Poker chips quotes, just like any other quotes, are from certain people who puts profound and meaningful words on the table that definitely gives an impact to every people, who are related or unrelated to the topic, in different ways. They may be treated and understood in different meanings, but it still boils down to the fact that they're definitely words for us to ponder and think more about.