The Poker Chip Company

Casino Style Chips Are Far Better Than The 1900's - Much Better!

The Poker Chip Company

If one is used to playing poker on a regular basis they will know that there is nothing quite as close to the heart as a nice stack of casino style poker chips, it feels so good! knows all too well of the marvellous sensation second only of course to having a big win, and having the dealer shunt a nice pile of casino style poker chips in one's direction. These are memorable moments that serious players live for!

But what of the history of poker chips sets themselves, how long have they been around, and how easy would it be to make a few of one's own and smuggle them in a casino. Could it actually be possible?

Firstly, the chips players are used to in a casino go back to the 1880's. That's a fact, but that's not how the game first started out. The chips used in casinos and even for that matter at home, are still vastly different from what was used in days gone by, by Poker fun loving ancestors.

They had no such things to use for their games back in the nineteenth century as poker chips hadn't yet been invented. Instead, the Gus Hansens and Phil Hellmuths of the day, brought their own strange and supposedly valuable objects to the table with them. These they used to gamble with.

They would use things like tiny little nuggets of gold, they would even use gold dust, God forbid if anyone actually sneezed! Standardisation was desperately needed, so the gaming houses and the drinking saloons that allowed Poker games on their premises, created their own uniform standard in the form of pieces of bones, clay, and pieces of ivory.

Trying to forge them wouldn't have been easy as they hit on the idea of branding these pieces with their own unique attributes & symbols. Then in the 1880's, companies started to manufacture Poker chips of clay composite in a variety of standard chip values.

Now in the modern casino studying casino style poker chips set, one might assume it may be easy to forge these. Far from it! The design may be simple to copy but with things like serial numbers and microchips there's no chance. The only way to get more is to win more, isn't that what Poker's about?