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Familiarizing Yourself With Poker Chips Color

Whether you just want to experience playing poker or if you're one of those who are vying to become part of the professionals and earn big cash through it, you'll still have to gain knowledge about the game one way or another. This is definitely the most important part before you decide to take your first step inside the world of 'pokie'. There are many things you need to learn before you can sit down on the waging table and get hot with your opponents, one of those things I'm referring to is familiarizing yourself with the plethora of poker chips color that makes the game revolve.

If you're a complete beginner on the game, remember that in the world of pokie, the chips will definitely be where players' eyes will be set on. This is because they act as the money for the game for various reasons; First, their easier to count than actual money; Second, players sometimes tend to overlook how much their already betting, therefore, letting them bet more and more than they may have planned which will exactly be a benefit for casinos. Don't let this happen to you by keeping in check what value each color of the chips stand for.

In the U.S, the standard poker chips color are: $5,000 for Gray; $1,000 for Yellow in Vegas and Orange in East Coast; $500 for purple, but in Vegas, this sometimes comes in White color; $100 for black chips; $25 for the green; $5 for red ones; $2.50 for pink; $1 for blue in most of the Western US and white for the other remaining parts.

This colors also vary when you enter California. In California: $500 comes in brown or gray; $100 is represented by white chips; $25 for the purple; $20 for black; $10 for brown; $5 comes in yellow chips; $3 are for red; $2 for green; and $1 for blue, however, some still uses white for them.